Head for the hills!

30.03.-04.11.2018, Trauttmansdorff Castle (coach house)

Head for the Hills!

In 2018 the Touriseum will be dedicating its temporary exhibition at Trauttmansdorff Castle to the Alpine passes and their attraction and significance to tourists. What is so special about travelling over a pass? What exactly is the magic we feel up there? And why does anyone want to go up there at all?

The exhibition takes the form of a winding mountain road. On the way up to the castle  courtyard are eight famous South Tyrolean passes. Those who wish may on the way attempt a steep ramp by bicycle, or experience the curves like a motorcyclist, while along the roadside can be found interesting stories and strange objects from around the time when dust coats were worn in cars, petrol could be bought in drugstores and cyclists dragged branches behind them as brakes.

Head for the hills!