Back to the present

Back to the present

South Tyrol has adapted well to intensive tourism. Restaurants, ski pistes, hiking trails – locals too enjoy its attractions. The tourist industry is not geared solely to outsiders but is firmly embedded in the land as a basis for prosperity. Is this a sustainable model for success?

Let it snow...

Nowadays snow in winter is guaranteed. The weather gods are ever more capricious, so technology must fill the gap. There is now hardly any stretch of piste without artificial snowmaking capabilities. The lifts too have gone hi-tech, bringing the masses of skiers ever quicker up and onto the slopes. But what if the climate continues to change?

The glass hotel

The brochures once presented every hotel as fine and beautifully located. Image manipulation could even make roads vanish. The internet however permits each hotel to be viewed from the comfort of your own home. Meanwhile visitors decide on the image that does the rounds on the ratings portals. Their praise – or criticism – will remain online for a long, long time.

Time lapse videos

Alpini 2012