Nikolaus von Trauttmansdorff

Nikolaus von Trauttmandsdorff

Around 1300 there was a farmhouse on the site where Trauttmansdorff Castle now stands. Aristocratic families gradually expanded it into a residential castle. The coats of arms of the many owners can be seen today on the stairway. In 1543 Nikolaus von Trauttmansdorff from Styria bought the castle. He had fought in Northern Italy against the Venetians and possessed Mattarello Castle in Trento.

Three generations after Nikolaus, around 1680, this line of the Trauttmansdorff family became extinct. Also at around this time the aristocracy lost interest in its country seats as they were enticed into the cities. Trauttmansdorff Castle gradually decayed. Part of it was inhabited by peasants. In 1777 a tower collapsed and destroyed the old chapel.